Supply Chain Solutions

We determine what you grow best and identify what the buyers are looking for. In partnership with the North Carolina Growing Together Project, we assist you in establishing relationships with project partners and are successful at entering new wholesale channels. We can help you find answers to what you should grow, how much you should grow and for what price you should sell you produce for. We help you establish relationships that will provide the most economical means of delivering your produce to your buyers through a consolidation center. 

Food Safety 

Every farm is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all program. We can assist you in preparing for a GAP audit including conducting a risk assessment, writing a food safety plan, scheduling your audit and being on your farm during the audit. We also provide training to you and your employees. Whatever your needs are, we will customize a program to ensure GAP certification success. 

We can assist with: 

Speaking Engagements

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Our Founder, Patricia Tripp, is a food safety expert and local food advocate who is available to conduct workshops, training events or speak on a variety of sustainable agriculture topics. Patricia holds a Master's Degree in Agricultural and Life Sciences. 

​​Food Safety 

Having the ability to compete with the big guys is tough. We have established relationships with buyers to assist you in entering mainstream supply chains allowing you to scale up operations at a sustainable pace.

Supply Chain Solutions

A New Generation of Produce Farming

We encourage everyone to play their role in growing safe food. There is an increased demand for  food safety program implementation throughout the entire food supply chain. 





Harmonized GAP

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Compliance


We currently consult on the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, NC Growing Together Project and Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's Local Produce Safety Initiative. Our focus is helping the small farmers succeed.